Augie Nieto: 2024 Don Wildman Commitment to Excellence Award Winner

In the world of fitness, few names resonate as profoundly as Don Wildman’s. A trailblazing visionary who revolutionized the industry, Wildman reimagined the concept of health clubs, making fitness accessible and mainstream in many inspiring ways.

Known for his legendary high-intensity workouts and as an Ironman age group winner, Don is credited with introducing music to group fitness classes, a pivotal change that significantly enhanced the welcoming atmosphere of gyms, particularly for women. He also pioneered circuit training and was the first in our industry to leverage the power of celebrities to propel America toward a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Eventually, he built the first health club chain to exceed a billion dollars in revenue annually, with over 4 million members. Beyond his innovations, Don cherished fitness for its power to build self-confidence and transform lives.

In tribute to Don’s groundbreaking work, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) established the Don Wildman Commitment to Excellence Award in 2021. This prestigious award honors individuals in our community who have made innovative and impactful contributions to fitness and wellness.

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