Sipping with Intention: The Mindful Drinking Guide

There are a lot of phrases to describe the way we drink or don’t drink alcohol. In fact, it seems as though we’re creating new phrases all the time. I’m sure you’ve heard of “sober curious” or maybe even “sober-ish,” but what about “tempo drinking” or “flex drinking”? The latter are terms to describe switching between alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks during different intervals during the week or even switching back and forth within a single night.

There are also entire holidays dedicated to not drinking alcohol––Dry January, Sober October, and Dry July. During these months people give up or reduce drinking alcohol and may even choose non-alcoholic drinks to replace drinks with alcohol. 

If you’re considering the role alcohol plays in your life, it can all get a little confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s one catch phrase that sums it all up, whether you drink alcohol or not, whether you only drink on the weekends or take off drinking alcohol for the entire month of January. That word is mindful drinking.

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